Finally in San Francisco!



Yeah, I’m finally here! In August 2012, I joined the Nitro team in the beautiful (and windy) city of San Francisco to attend a one-year-long Design and Marketing internship.

Getting the paper work done took more time than I thought it would, but I’m finally here.

Nitro – founded in 2005 in Melbourne and bootstrapped since the beginning (went through first venture capital round in 2012, with 3.5M USD raised) – moved Headquarters to downtown San Francisco in 2009 with focus on creating products for work with digital documents. Nitro is growing every year and had 12 million dollar revenue in 2011.

We’re a pretty established business with the roots in a software industry, but I spend most of the time here working on our new cloud-based product (should be launching soon), so it pretty much feels as I joined a well-funded startup.

I’m the youngest employee here (I’m 20 right now, 21 would be much cooler in USA though ;) and I’m surrounded by very experienced people, so it’s a great environment to learn stuff.

Thanks to everybody who shared my project, wrote about it or just wished me good luck. My dream came true.

I still have a lot of time ahead of me here, so stay tuned for more!