The “No Excuses” philosophy


Here at Nitro, the “No Excuses” policy is an important part of our company culture. It pushes you to get the things done, no matter what.

Is your bus late and you can’t arrive to the morning meeting on time? Get off that bus and run. Of course, there may be some serious reasons (e.g. Aliens attacking your office or so) for being behind the schedule or not having something done, but not trying hard enough should never be on that list.

Everybody fails from time to time, but no one’s interested in hearing the excuses why (actually, the truth is usually just not trying hard enough). Instead of the whining about what happened, just immediately fix what went wrong, learn from your mistake & try not to do it again.

By following this philosophy you’ll realize that nearly every problem has a solution and anything you imagine can be accomplished when you work hard. If not, it’s probably just an excuse :)