My notes – straight outta San Francisco

I'm Filip Santa, a 21-year old designer in San Francisco. I blog about design, startups and life in the world capital of technology. I work for Nitro.



Twitter Nest – What’s happening around you?


I love Twitter. It’s also the place where all the buzz around TakeMeToSiliconValley stared. It’s fair to say that if there was no Twitter, I might not be here. We all use it to find out what happening in the world. However, I think Twitter may also be a powerful tool for exploring what’s happening around Read More


The “No Excuses” philosophy


Here at Nitro, the “No Excuses” policy is an important part of our company culture. It pushes you to get the things done, no matter what. Is your bus late and you can’t arrive to the morning meeting on time? Get off that bus and run. Of course, there may be some serious reasons (e.g. Read More

Lyft – taxíky na kreatívnu nôtu


Pozor, v tomto blogposte su pouzite anglicke slovicka. Minule som objavil tento rozhovor o taxikarskych pomeroch v Bratislave. Jeden z hlavnych bodov rozhovoru je, ze mesto by malo cely tento biznis regulovat – zaviest jednotne ceny, regulovat pocet taxikov atd., lebo inac sa neda. Potom by sa mali vsetci dobre. Iba zeby nie. Nechcem tu ani Read More

Finally in San Francisco!


  Yeah, I’m finally here! In August 2012, I joined the Nitro team in the beautiful (and windy) city of San Francisco to attend a one-year-long Design and Marketing internship. Getting the paper work done took more time than I thought it would, but I’m finally here. Nitro – founded in 2005 in Melbourne and Read More

WordPress check one-two one-two


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